Texas State Rice Festival 2011


Allison Loesch: Rice Filled Cheese Log (Appetizer) 3rd place, Caesar Pasta Salad (Vegetable or Salad) 3rd place, Grilled Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Rice (Main Dish) 2nd place, Coconut Pudding Cake (Dessert) 3rd place, Dulce De Leche Rice Sandwich Cookies (Dessert) 1st place, Chocolate Covered Rice Marshmallows (Miscellaneous) 2nd place

Buddy Toepfer: Fried BBQ Rice Burger (Appetizer) 3rd place and trophy for Most Unusual, Orange Veggie Risotto (Vegetable or Salad) 1st place, Poor Man’s Good Eats’ (Main Dish) 2nd place, Rice Tiramisu (Dessert) 2nd place, Tofu Rice Baskets (Miscellaneous) 2nd place

Monica Toepfer: Steamed Dumplings (Appetizer) 1st place, Rice and Zucchini Crostata (Vegetable or Salad) 3rd place, 3 Seafood Rice (Main Dish) 1st place, Rice Mousseline with Fresh Fruit Compote (Dessert) 1st place

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